About “We Are Superman”

Kansas City has suffered from hyper-segregation for over 60 years. We Are Superman chronicles the story of Troost Avenue, which lies in the heart of KC. Troost draws a geographic line between black and white, rich and poor. A growing movement unites to transform Troost from a dividing line into a gathering place.

On the corner of 31st Street and Troost Avenue a community of people are battling against prejudicial legislation, exploitative corporations, and a stereotype that has stigmatized the urban core since the suburban revolution. This is the story their work, their vision, and how they are no longer waiting on a Superman to come save them.

Director – Kevin Bryce

Photo of Bryce and Cook
Bryce (left) and Cook (right) at the 2013 KC Film Fest.

Born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada– Bryce has worked and pursued film and video production for 10 years. Now based in Kansas City, he is moved with a desire to tell stories driven by human struggle. In 2013, and 2017 he directed the award winning documentaries We Are Superman, and All These Flowers. He is currently releasing his third film, Made In America.

Producer – Christopher Cook

Christopher is a producer,  writer, & editor whose work focuses on socially-relevant issues. His first feature documentary, We Are Superman (2013), about racial division continues to be broadcast on PBS stations, receiving over 750 airings in 37 states to date. In 2014, he was part of a team that crowd-funded $60,000 for Broke, Busted, & Disgusted, a feature documentary about the student-debt crisis. In 2015, he concepted and then directed Your Fellow Americans for Kansas City PBS Then, in 2016, he was hired to act as Series Producer over Re:Dream, an $850,000 web documentary series where he provided direction, management and editorial oversight for the 15 participating PBS member stations. In 2018, Christopher was commissioned by the Johnson County Library to co-created Dividing Lines, an app-based tour of the history of segregation in Kansas City. Since receiving his B.A. in Electronic Media from the University of Northern Iowa in 2008, Christopher has worked as the owner/operator of Brainroot Light and Sound, the LLC under which he produces both client-based and independent media.